Hello! I’m Charity!

I’m so glad you’re here, and I am excited for us to get to know one another better.

In my early twenties, I was homeless and a few years later I became a multi-million dollar sales producer. I am the founder of Grit To Glory where we love to support you in living the life you were intended. 

I am a wife, a mama of 2 teenage daughters, an Army combat veteran, a business strategist, a high-performance mentor, & a transformational speaker.  

I’m also told I’m pretty funny and entertaining. ;)

I help you overcome the things that hold you back, breakthrough to your new levels, and experience a level of freedom in your life that few do throughout their lives.  

If you are a high-performance woman entrepreneur or business owner that is driven, motivated, and desires to completely release your limiting beliefs, own your power, and monetize your message- welcome to my house! 

What do I believe is possible for you?

I believe that circumstances are catalysts to your calling, and your possibilities are limitless. 

Everything is possible.

Would you like to receive superpowers to unlock your millions?

During my twenties, I led and scaled sales teams in the Network Marketing profession to 8 figures worldwide. We produced 10’s of millions in sales. 

We were the Top 2%.

My invitation to you is to deepen your faith in God’s glory, grab your grit, and allow your heart to guide you to your next six and seven figures.  

These are your superpowers that will unlock your millions. 

I am so passionate about teaching you and supporting you in scaling your sales to your next six and seven figures.

I understand the odds. I’ve lived with them and I told them to go back to the hell they came from.  If you have been looking for proof let me be your proof-odds do not count.  Not for me and not for you. 


My approach in business

All parts of you are welcome- we integrate your mind, body, and spirit.  I am committed to deeping my craft to continue to help you get the breakthroughs and freedom that you desire in life.  I will support you in your healing, breakthroughs, and scaling to multiple 6 and 7 figures using NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E. Technique, Clinical Hypnosis, and Life and Success Coaching. 

If you believe in quantum leaps, you can experience them too. 


Close your eyes,

Imagine what your life would look like if you decide to give yourself full permission to play big?  


When now, would be a good time to say yes to that?  





How to Work with Charity

Are you ready to take your organization or personal potential to the next level? Explore below the different options to work with Charity. For all other inquires please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Apply for 1:1 VIP Coaching

Currently, taking applications for limited spots. Please click below and fill out an application to schedule a call with Charity.

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Apply for Grit To Glory Inner Circle

If you have ever been challenged with your mind, mission, marketing, or sales this is created with you in mind.  This is a container with Charity and other purpose-driven women entrepreneurs. Charity's inner circle with help you create the breakthroughs, impact, and income that you have been looking for. Please click below and fill out an application to schedule a call with Charity.

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Book Charity to Speak or Train your Group or Organization

Charity shares her special speaking gift that enables others to break free from limiting beliefs, return to their truth and walk in their God-ordained purpose.  Her unique way of delivering a message has her highly sought-after as she delivers her message with authenticity, passion, fun, and boldness.  Book Charity to facilitate breakthrough, freedom and activation. 

Book Charity

"Things began to shift quickly for me when I began working with Charity, I have learned how to pivot negative thinking. I now give myself permission to desire and have the finer things. I have been able to scale two businesses as a top team leader and sales performer. I unlocked 5 figure sales bonuses and was also able to write my mom a very large check as a token of appreciation for all the sacrifices she has made for my family and me over the years. Suppose you are unsure about working with Charity, jump. She is humble, kind, and understanding. If you are ready for breakthroughs and feel stuck in one place, she is the one to guide you through breaking down those walls"

Lindsay Walters
Top Team Leader & Sales Producer

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Angela Cossey
Top Team Leader & Sales Producer

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