My yearly company sales was $2,700

My company, Grit To Glory, was born in 2018. It sure would be great to say that I just put on a coaching hat and that money started raining down. 

That is not what happened. In my first year in business, my company revenue was $2,700.00. 

Even during my humbling season, I still had some arrogance that God was working out of me. So I  made this number mean something that it didn’t. 


I equated this number with my worthiness and my value.


God positioned me for a time that would require me to slow down and heal. I can remember feeling so disgruntled with myself. I didn’t want to slow down, and I didn’t want to recover. So I tried to keep shoving things down, self-medicating my pain behind the scenes with alcohol, my vice of choice, and executing as I had often done in the past.


However, healing is precisely what God would require me to do to unlock the next levels. 


I didn’t want to lye idle. I would mourn and move. First, however, I had to come to terms with that what was coming next would be far from just what was within my own strength. 


My obedience would pave my path. It was time to face my past childhood, military, and MLM trauma and PTSD headfirst.  I could write a book on it. In fact, I am.

I didn’t understand it at the time, but it was a requirement for the further work that God is calling me to. My experience in business has equipped me to teach strategy, mindset, and sales methods to others. In addition, however, God would guide me on a journey meant to prepare me to teach people how to stop self-sabotaging and shift at the identity level. 


Finally, I  would be ready to groom and train leaders to heal and lead from a trauma-informed lens. I believe this is and will be a significant piece of my life’s work. 


God is and has blessed my company Grit To Glory. The mission of this company is to help entrepreneurs overcome, break through, and live free. My vision is that each one will live it, believe it and teach it. It is another testament to how God can take something and turn it into something. 

Today, Grit To Glory is now a Six-Figure Brand, and this is the symbolism of each of the amazing souls I’ve had the honor to serve. 

Independence. Security. Options.

These words are illustrations of some of my core values. 

Along this journey, I encounter women everywhere eager to generate an additional income and not just any income- they want what they monetize to matter. I see their deepest desires are rooted in wanting to blaze their own path, all in the name of independence, supplement their family’s income, and impact more lives for good.

It’s been a few years in the making, but I’m finally going to share with you as I had never shared or taught before my exact process for how I turned a heaping pile of dung into CA$H Money. 


To Be Continued….




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