Broke but Hanging onto Brave

Everything must go. We were broke.

Our journey as Network Marketing Professionals, what a ride that was. Yes, full of ebbs and flows. It was packed full of joy, mistakes, money, and so many lessons. I’m going to share more with you on that soon. But as I alluded to in the previous post, it did come to a close.

Heartache and uncertainty played the lead in this scene.

There were red flags—a whole truckload of them. Today, I won’t go into all of it. That is a story for another time. But I have to ask, have you ever experienced an inkling that something is coming, but even so, it would be impossible to feel prepared?

I advocate for Financial literacy education in schools. It should also be taught more within the network marketing profession. When we had no choice but to pivot, we had a 911 financial emergency. We had done very little to diversify our money. So all the financial backing we had to come to depend on was in one swift swoop gone.

We sold and liquidated anything that we could. Truthfully, I was so unsure of how we would even find a house to live in. The property we did own, we had leased, as we were traveling as a family. However, as we were navigating our new experience, we discovered that the people we had leased to were drug dealers. They had gutted the furnished basement of the property entirely to build pot-plant-producing labs. It was an interesting time. I even laugh when I think about it now.

We had no jobs and very little money.

Thankfully, God did provide. We moved into our new home with a single twin mattress, a rickety office chair, and an air mattress that reliably deflated every night while we slept, waking us up each morning before the sun came up on the floor.

Sometimes people wonder why we didn’t just continue onto another build with another company- I’ll share with you more tomorrow.

In the meantime, the water and electric company could care less about my network marketing top earner stats, so Ubering and Shipt shopping it was. During this time, my character would be cultivated, and this season would be called WINTER.

To be continued….



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