Rags to Riches

When I had prayed that prayer in bed that night, God, Please help me. Could you send me a lifeboat? I did not expect it to manifest as a reconnection with someone I had not seen since my Kentucky grade school days. But that’s what happened.

This individual invited me to look at some health supplements and a business model they were scaling to earn additional money.

I said yes, but if I’m honest, I was playing nice. I intended to look and then hard pass, ya know? I didn’t have any desire to become a product peddler. I mean, hello, I had left my Avon’s calling days back in high school.

Well, God had a different plan. So, after a few phone calls, I began actively brainstorming creative ways to find the capital to start and open up my own profit center to consume and share these company’s products.

In the beginning, I was trying to make some extra money for ice cream, trips to the zoo, new outfits, or fun minor upgrades to the girl’s rooms.

But, I also sincerely wanted to be able to explore better daycare options.
My stomach would turn with each passing day that I had to drop my girls off at horrible daycares. All the low-income daycares were smelly, dingy, and overcrowded.

I became the girl that was known for hosting the hottest kegger home parties to hosting Living Room PBR’s ( Private Business Receptions) -

It started with just a few and grew to thousands of people all over the world.

It started in tiny living rooms and grew to international hotel conference rooms.

It started with some Hoopties in the driveway that we traded for luxury cars.

It started in a small fourplex and moved on up to a 6 bedroom house.

It started with a couple of hundred in sales and grew to many, many millions.

In time for us and those attached to us, it symbolized freedom, full-time moms and full-time dads, a vehicle for families everywhere to build their full-time family.

I guess some would say it was a true blue rag to riches story.

We thought this was all we’d ever do. This was it the cat’s meow—the whole shebang.

Until one day, just like a light switch, you turn off- suddenly our business was too.

To be continued…

And that definitely is me in the picture rocking some red hair 😉



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